ATE Ceramic Brake Pads – NO MORE DUST


low-dust – noise-free – long-life

Vehicle brakes convert kinetic energy into heat through friction. This produces wear. A clear indication of this wear is the black dust which accumulates predominantly on the rims, leaving behind unsightly marks. This is not just inconvenient for vehicle owners who place high value on the appearance of their vehicle – brake dust is also harmful to the environment.



nnovative brake pad compound

ATE Ceramic is Continental’s solution for low-dust, noise-free, resource-saving and environmentally friendly braking. The secret of the new brake pads lies in a brake pad compound which uses innovative fiber technology During braking, it produces a “transfer film” on the brake disc. This protects the brake disc from excessive wear. The result: less brake dust, more comfort, less wear.




ATE Ceramic pads are fitted to brand new cars on a daily basis mainly to eliminate the dirty black wheel problem made by the factory brake pads. Eurotune can supply and fit ATE brake pads for most models of cars. contact Eurotune on (07 55 354 320 ).